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Couldn't Be Happier | 10th October 2009

I placed this order for a pair of men’s patent shoes at roughly 2.30pm on the 9th October. I received the order by 10.30am the next day. I would just like you to know that I`m very impressed with the turn around. Not only that, but the shoes fit really well and look to be of good quality. I think that I will be using your services again and will be recommending you to all friends.

Once again thanks for a job well done. It makes a pleasant change!

17:27, 28th June 2013

Giustino Matassa, 17:27, 28th June 2013

Very Pleased | 8th October 2009

Last evening my husband and I returned home to find a box inside the door. Yes, it was the desert boots and my husband is totally pleased that the shoes not only look good but feel great as well. Thank you. You have made a size 15 shoe man feel really great about a pair of shoes that finally fit!!  If only we had such great shoe sellers here in the US.

17:26, 28th June 2013

Martha Guokas, 17:26, 28th June 2013

Fast and Efficient Service | 29th September 2009

I am writing to congratulate you for dispatching the shoes I ordered over the weekend with such enormous speed and efficiency. They seem fine. Yes, I do have small feet compared with most men - something I have in common with the Gurkhas, I believe. Good luck to you and your firm.

17:25, 28th June 2013

Sir Donald Limon, 17:25, 28th June 2013

Fantastic! | 29th August 2009

Many thanks for my Blizzard Boots received this morning, they are lovely, comfy, warm and fit like a glove. Looking forward to winter so I can wear them! Thanks for your excellent service.

17:24, 28th June 2013

Mary Roden, 17:24, 28th June 2013

Big Thanks! | 31st October 2008

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for getting my son's boots to him. They arrived Wednesday as you promised. Thanks for your professional manner, considering there was a little mess up. Appreciate your help in the matter and will recommend you highly.

17:23, 28th June 2013

Karen Kyriakides, 17:23, 28th June 2013

Dear Saf and Team | 14th August 2008

Although my order took 3 days to arrive I must say I am rather pleased with the welted boots I have purchased. The wife had almost convinced me they stopped making traditional welted boots years ago but thankfully you appeared high up on Google and I managed to find your site. I am buying another couple of pairs before you run out of stock as soon as I sign off this email! Cheers lads.

17:22, 28th June 2013

Alistair Holmes, 17:22, 28th June 2013

Thank You | 12th August 2008


Thank you so much for the outstanding service you provided me from start to finish. Finding mens patent shoes for our wedding was quite a task but i am so glad we chose your company in the end. The service has been smashing and all the boys looked super on the day with gleaming shiny shoes on! Its a nice touch to have real personalities behind a web-based company. Thanks AGAIN!

17:20, 28th June 2013

Amy Wilcox, 17:20, 28th June 2013

Fantastic Service | 24th June 2008

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fantastic service. Your emails were both swift and extremely helpful. These days you never know when ordering off the net whether it’s a fly-by-night operating from his bedroom, or a bona fide business. Your helpful and professional attitude made sure I voted with my money. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

17:19, 28th June 2013

Mrs Maleki, 17:19, 28th June 2013

Great Service! | 8th June 2008

5 stars, thanks quick delivery excellent quality, will definitely use again in the future.

17:16, 28th June 2013

Kipper Kendall, 17:16, 28th June 2013

5 Stars | 6th June 2008

I purchased 2 pairs of these wonderful All Leather Chelsea Boots (Brown & Black) and they arrived in double-quick time.

17:15, 28th June 2013

Prof. Peter O'Reilly, 17:15, 28th June 2013

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